Thematic Areas

TMF continues its clear focus on education and vocational training for the economically, socially and physically disadvantaged. Among our special concerns have been the girl child, minorities, visually impaired, English language competence and quality of education in government schools.

TMF has now more than 50 NGO partners spread over Delhi-Noida, Maharashtra and Bangalore. We are also in a partnership with a well-known Mysore based NGO (Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement) for Flood relief and rehabilitation work in the Bijapur District of Karnataka..

Following in brief is the profile of organizations supported by TMF:

I. Schools run by NGOs for the economically and physically challenged

1. Parikrma Humanity Foundation, Bangalore

Parikrma strives to provide good English education for 1100 slum children of whom, 50% are girls. They run 4 schools with CBSE syllabus. WE are supporting a very intensive English training program for 50 teachers through British Council. Considering their background, the level of English competence achieved by Parikrma students is very impressive.

2. Association for People with Disability, Bangalore

TMF supports APD’s Shradhanjali Integrated School (SIS) which is a recognized elementary school from nursery to class VII, following State Board curriculum with 170 children . To promote inclusion, 80% are disabled students and 20% are non-disabled. The school aims at mainstreaming these children.

3. Vidya and Child (Jayaprakash Narayan Memorial Trust),Noida

Vidya & Child provides English medium education to 460 children from neighbouring slums. A child spends 4-5 years with Vidya & Child. After finishing Class IV, the organization helps in admitting the child to a mainstream school and provides after-school support at the centre. Besides academic inputs, training is given in music, dance and painting.

4. Social Outreach Foundation, Noida,

Besides, the 180 children in the SOF primary school, the organization sponsors bright students to get admitted in neighboring public schools. It arranges for their fees and after school coaching. At present it has 90 such children under its care. TMF gives scholarships to these children to cover their tuition fees, books etc as well as funding for the after school coaching.

5. Katha, Delhi

Katha, a non – profit organization, runs a high quality English medium school for 1350 children in a slum using contextualized learning material and also introducing students to IT & entrepreneurial skills.

6. Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust, Delhi

A very well-known institution for meeting the needs of the physically challenged. One of its main activities is a school for 400 economically challenged children of which 50% are physically disabled. WE have been sponsoring 100 children in the school for the last three years besides helping improve school facilities. We have funded the setting up of English Language and Science Labs and provided a bus.

7. Sarvesham Seva Sangh, Pune

Sarvesham Seva Sangh provides education and life skills to 250 children of deserted women, from scheduled tribes and caste, nomadic tribes etc. A residential program.

8. Shashwat, Pune

A residential primary school in the village of Aghane in Pune Distt which aims at providing a structured education to 70 children of the Mahadev Koli and Katkari tribes.

9. K.B. Hire School, Pune,

This school caters to 300 students from very low income background.
TMF supports the school with stationery, uniforms and fees for 300 students and helps in the improvement of their computer and science lab. TMF has also introduced a loan scheme to help out students after class X who want to go ahead with industrial training in a nearby vocational training centre.

10. Suhrud Mandal,Pune

Suhrud Mandal runs schools for the hearing impaired and economically disadvantaged students. The schools train hearing impaired students to become self-reliant and lead an independent life. Tech Mahindra Foundation has provided funding to 156 hearing impaired students of Chinchwad Badhir Mook Vidyalaya, one of the schools run by Suhrud Mandal.

11. Anandwan

(Maharogi Sewa Samiti, Warora)

Anandwan was established by Baba Amte and is run by one of his sons. Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF) sponsors 70 students of the residential schools for the visually impaired and for the hearing and speech impaired children from a rural background. This year TMF will also support and equip their IT training centre which will serve 200+ children.

II. Government schools being managed by NGOs (All English medium)

12. Aseema, Mumbai

Aseema is one of the NGOs who have been allowed by BMC to run some of their English medium primary schools. They have worked out a curriculum which gives equal emphasis to academic studying and creativity along with physical, social and emotional development. The Tech Mahindra Foundation is sponsoring the children of the primary section of Pali Chimbai Municipal School which has 404 children.

13. Muktangan( Paragon Charitable Trust), Mumbai

Paragon Trust runs Muktangan schools which offer low-cost, high-quality English medium education to the economically disadvantaged sections of society. They have created a cadre of teachers through training women from the community itself. Like Aseema Paragon has taken over the running of an English medium municipal primary school.: the Global Mill Passage Municipal School at Worli with 280 children..

14. The Akanksha Foundation, Pune

The Akanksha Foundation has adopted 2 English medium pre-primary Municipal schools in Pune with a total of 320 children

III. NGOs working on improvement programs

15. Dhwani Educational Research Centre, Bangalore

To address key issues faced by the Municipal school teachers, Dhwani has been developing educational material in Kannada with relevant supporting information, photographs, pictures, models, songs, stories, skits, poems, etc in the form of printed material, 3-d models, charts, cassettes (audio & video), and information on field trips. These materials are used by 300 teachers who teach more than 6000 children in 25 municipal schools.

16. Paraspara Trust, Banagalore

Paraspara Trust is attempting to make 10 government primary schools with 1200 children into“Model” schools measured in terms of improved infrastructure, quality of inputs (curricular & extra-curricular) and scholastic achievements.
Paraspara has a very good record in the field of Child Rights but has not quite succeeded in this project. We are giving them one more year to improve.

17. People Pro Foundation, Bangalore (discontinued from 2011-12)

People Pro conducts a year long soft-skills and leadership training program for children in schools, in tandem with school academics, thus bringing in the added input for a positive transformation in the personality of a child. We support their program in one Municipal school with 910 children.

18. Ankur Society for Alternatives in Education , Delhi

For over two decades Ankur has been working in the field of experimental pedagogy. The Organisation works through diverse programs such as Learning Centres, clubs, Libraries, Young Women’s Centres, Cyber and Media Labs.
Tech Mahindra Foundation is supporting its project “Self-Learning - The Ultimate Objective of Pedagogy” in 3 MCD schools.

Total number of beneficiaries: 300

19. Disha, Delhi

DISHA is a new partner organisation of TMF. It proposes to work with four Municipal Corporation Schools of Delhi based in very difficult area. There are a total of 1015 children in these schools. They have successfully introduced concept of resource centres in the municipal schools in which they work.
20. Society for All Round Development (SARD), Delhi
In 2007-08 the Tech Mahindra Foundation started supporting their program for enrichment of formal education through remedial teaching ina number of municipal schools. Today besides supporting SARD’s “Anandayi Kakshas “ in 35 schools TMF also supports their capacity building of other stake holders (MCD officials and teachers, parents) and community.

Total Number of direct Beneficiaries:1050 children but many more through over-all improvement of the schools.

21. Door Step School (works both in govt schools and community), Pune

We support 3 educational programs run by DSS reaching out to a total of 6500 children.

a. Helping children read interesting books in municipal schools;
b. Study Centre: a secure place for poor school going children to come and study and get help witth their homework;
c. NFE classes for out of school children of migrant workers.

IV. Community-based/Non Formal Education (NFE) programs

22. TRUST, Bangalore

An education program for 57 construction/migrant workers’ children, Educational modules were developed and training imparted by Azim Premji Foundation. Aim to stop child labor and mainstream them.

The program had been temporarily disrupted by death of the employer who had provided space and their were some quality problems. The deceased’s family has renewed support and quality issues have been addressed. Grant for 2010-11 will be decided shortly.

23. Joint Women’s Programme,Noida

Joint Women’s Program, a NGO headed by a very well known social worker initiated efforts to provide education in a protective environment for 120 children living in Nithari village of NOIDA which was the site of horrific murders of girl children. This project has won extensive community support in the last one year.

24. PRAYAS Juvenile Aid Centre Society, Delhi

Prayas is one of the better known NGOs providing juvenile justice, quality and appropriate education, vocational and skill development training, healthcare and nutrition to marginalized children. This year we are supporting 7 Alternative education centres, which provide education to marginalized children.

25. RASTA, Delhi (discontinued from 2011-12)

Rasta is running a non formal education program which is being supported by TMF since 2008. This education program for girls belonging to the minority community is in Khora colony, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. The main program of Rasta has not met the standard of good governance required by TMF. It has been decided to discontinue this partnership. However to minimize dislocation in the studies of the adolescent girls a part of the program will be supported for one more year. The teachers employed are competent and therefore will be able to take the girls forward.

26. India Sponsorship Committee, Pune

ISC has developed a comprehensive educational programme to remove children of migrant brick kiln labourers out of the labour force, keep them in school, and gradually mainstream them into the regular, government run school system.

TMF supports ISC to run Support Classes, Balwadis, Bridge Programme and Special English Classes for 300 children of brick kiln workers at Hinjewadi.

27. Swadhar, Pune

Their NFE classes are conducted in the community in which the child lives, by a teacher from the same community. They also conduct reading classes municipal schools.
TMF supports 20 classes, which includes 10 classes of NFE and 10 reading classes.

No. of beneficiaries: 2750 children ( RCP-2500, NFE-250)

28. Vanasthali Rural Development Centre

Vanasthali initiates social change among the women and children in the rural society by providing formal and informal education to them. Various skills are imparted to the children through Hobby classes which encourage students to take their studies more seriously and acquire a sense of belonging and commitment towards society.

Tech Mahindra Foundation supports Vanasthali for Hobby Classes in primary schools of 4 districts of Maharashtra namely Nagar, Nashik, Sangli and Pune.

No. of beneficiaries: 9,540 children from tribal and rural areas.

V. Girl Child / Women empowerment

29. Katalyst, Bangalore

Katalyst aims at empowering bright young women from the marginalized sections of society, through the medium of professional higher education and specific interventions, which include access to technology, mentoring, financial support, hard/soft skills training and customized programs. We support 50 girls (including 25 for the second year)who have on their own merit secured admission in engineering institutions. Happily, all the 25 girls whom we started supporting last year have done very well in their exams.

30. ICARE, Noida (discontinued from 2011-12)

ICARE is a hospital for eye related disorders. We have funded since last year an Ophthalmic Nursing Training Course for 10 young women from low income background.

31. Jan Madhyam, Delhi

Jan Madhyam strives to bring young women -many from the minority community- with mental disability into the mainstream, using different forms of education and empowerment: media – puppets, games, music, dance, painting and clay work

Total number of beneficiaries: 215

32. Sewa Delhi Trust

Sewa Delhi Trust is a part of Sewa Bharat which is one of the best known NGOs in India in the field of social and economic empowerment of women working in the informal sector. They have done well in skill training for employability and the trainees have now learnt enough to earn on their own. Basic literacy skills were also developed in those who lacked it to enhance their skill trainings.

No. of beneficiaries: 440

33. Shikhar, Delhi

Shikhar works for women empowerment in the Muslim majority neighborhoods of Jamia Millia Islamia . This organization is being supported by the TMF since 2008 for the condensed education program for adolescent girls who had earlier dropped out but now wish to resume their studies. They are prepared for 10th and 12th NIOS examinations. Many of them on that basis go on to higher education in Jamia.

Total Number of Beneficiaries: 250

34. Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action (SNEHA), Mumbai

SNEHA, led by a lady doctor who has served as the dean of a leading government hospital, looks for innovative solutions to problems in nutrition, education and health in urban slums. The Tech Mahindra Foundation is supporting the training of 28 women, including several from the minority community, as Swasthya Sevikas (Nursing Aides ).

35. SPRJ Kanyashala Trust, Mumbai

SPRJ Kanyashala Trust runs large scale educational program for low income girls. It also runs two high quality vocational training institutes for women——Swadhar (courses in fields like Fashion designing, Interior Designing, etc) and Boda Institute of Administrative Services.
Tech Mahindra Foundation is sponsoring a loan scheme* for more than 134 young women undergoing training under these two streams.

*TMF has loan schemes for underprivileged youth attending high quality fee-paying vocational courses. These are interest free repayable in easy installments once they start earning. The money is returned not to TMF but the training institute to form a revolving fund to help more students.

VI. Programs for visually impaired

36. Mitra Jyothi, Bangalore (discontinued)

Mitra Jyothi seeks to empower the visually challenged youth with Advanced Computer Training, English Communication and life skills to enable them to be independent and confident. Tech Mahindra Associates helped them with the core curriculum development. TMF supported 26 VI youth for this training in 2009-10. Although the quality of the computer training has been excellent and the students have fared very well, they still lack some skills required to make them suitably employable. We have introduced our most successful vocational training partner Unnati to them in the hope that they will be able to help Mitra Jyothi solve this problem.

37. National Association for the Blind (NAB), Delhi

NAB is India’s largest voluntary organization for the blind. Among the large number of projects which the Delhi branch runs is a programme to ensure quality education for visually challenged children through integration in mainstream Schools. Children are going to Government Senior Secondary Schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas and some good private schools. NAB provides strong after school support to these children. We have been sponsoring 105 children for last three years. In addition we are funding a counselor’s salary, production of text books in talking book format for 200 children and 10 Braillers.

38. Saksham Trust, Delhi

Saksham Trust is working as the Secretariat to DAISY Forum of India which is promoting networking among and training of organizations producing or distributing content for the visually challenged in Braille or talking books using digital technology. We have funded the project entitled “Digital book production facility in Indian languages” since 2009. This will lead to production of 4000 hours of DAISY Digital Talking Books by various DAISY Forum of India partner organizations in different parts of the country.

39. Score Foundation, Delhi

SCORE Foundation is an organization seeking to provide comprehensive information on Eye related problems (including blindness) to the following:-
o Visually impaired people.
o Families of the blind.
o NGOs working with the blind.
o Educationists.
We have been supporting Score Foundation’s two projects: i. Radio Programme: Yeh Hai Roshni Ka karwan and ii. Website production & maintenance:

40. Venu Institute of Universal Education, Delhi (discontinued)

This is a vocational training program for the visually impaired run by Venu Eye Institute and Research Centre. The Institute provides training to the students to equip them suitably for jobs that involve new economy skills. The programme, which is certified by IGNOU includes computer and soft skills and it is hoped would prepare the trainees for employment in fields like medical transcription. We have been sponsoring 13 students in the Institute for last one year.

41. Xavier’s Resource Centre for Visually Challenged (XRCVC), Mumbai

Located in St. Xavier’s College and led by a professor who is himself blind, XRCVC is a state of the art support centre, aiming to work towards equipping the visually challenged persons with the required skill sets and the right attitudes to meet the challenges of life. TMF is financing 12 scholarships for higher education on need-cum-merit basis and updating technology.

VII. Vocational Training Programs (other than those covered under different heads above)

42. Unnati, Bangalore

One of the best Vocational training centers in Bangalore, Unnati imparts training to the unemployed youth belonging to the poorer sections of the society. They have been able to achieve 100% placement for the trained youth through campus interview. We supported 100 youth last year. This year we have increased the support to150 youth.

43. Raza, Bangalore

A new partner. Led by Benazir, a tough, determined and imaginative woman, who is endeavouring to address the rights of women and children in an economically backward Muslim community and to empower them to lead an independent life through literacy and skill development. TMF supports their Vocational Training Centre which will impart training to 550 unemployed, mainly Muslim youth, this year.

44. Deepalaya , Delhi

Deepalaya has a very good reputation for its educational programmes for economically disadvantaged. The project which TMF is supporting since 2009 seeks to provide marketable vocational training, duly certified by recognized bodies to 200 young men and women. Fields: computer software, computer hardware, AC & refrigerator repairing, electrical and Beauty culture.

45. Smile Foundation , Mumbai

The SMILE Twin e-Learning Project aims at preparing urban underprivileged (adolescent youths) with skills in English Proficiency, Basic Computer Education and Soft Skills for enhancing their prospects of employment in fast expanding sectors like retail outlets, hospitality and BPO sectors. Tech Mahindra Foundation is sponsoring their Twin e-learning programmes at Dharavi in Mumbai with the help of Jan Shikshan Sansthan and at Andheri with the help of Society for Human and Environmental Development ( SHED).

No. of beneficiaries: 185 youth

46. Nirmala Niketan Institute, Mumbai

Nirmala Niketan Institute, have many students coming from low income group who enroll for the courses in Social work but are unable to pay their fees completely. Tech Mahindra Foundation provides financial help for 15 low income group students of Short Term and Degree Courses at Nirmala Niketan Institute.

47. Jagannath Rathi Vocational Training center - Pune (discontinued)

JRVGTI runs about 15 vocational courses which are conducted with the intent of giving quality education aimed at self-reliant vocations. Admissions are given on ‘first come first served basis’ and the core ‘rationale’ of these courses is to provide education to the unprivileged sections of the society.

TMF gives scholarships and Interest free loans* to 25 deserving but underprivileged students studying in the various courses run here.


48. The Akankash Foundation, Mumbai

The Learning-To-Lead (LTL) programme of Akanksha Foundation seeks to identify those children from Akanksha and government schools (students from a low economic strata), who are motivated for leadership and academic excellence. Akanksha tries to prepare these students through an excellent education for top colleges in order for them to have professional success, bring about social change and serve as role models.

Tech Mahindra Foundation is supporting 55 students in the Learning To Lead (LTL) program

49. Action for the Rights of the Child (ARC), Pune

ARC, an informal network of 22 NGOs from Pune working with children for their rights, was set up in 1991 to bring together NGOs, funding agencies, government departments and citizens involved in working with children from the poorest sections of society in Pune.

ARC has been successful in networking effectively on issues related to access to government schools, raising awareness on child labour and sexual abuse, and forging strong working relationships with government departments to improve the situation of child labour and education for the children of Pune.

50. Kagad Kach Patra Kashtakari Panchayat, Pune

The KKPKP, the association of waste-pickers and itinerant buyers is involved in the promotion of education of the children of these waste pickers. They believe it is possible to eradicate child labour in this sector and to ensure education for all of them, in Pune city, in a decade.

Tech Mahindra Foundation is partnering with SNDT- KKPKP to try and integrate these children into mainstream schools and to encourage them to study further and move ahead in life.

No. of beneficiaries: 3000 children

51. EnAble India, Bangalore

EnAble India is developing e-Vidya, an e-learning platform for better dissemination of learning resources for people with Disability (PWD). Once completely developed & tested, it will tend to the needs of all kinds of disabilities like visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically disabled, mental retardation, mental illness across India. It is hoped that the portal will help improve their employability. TM associates have given some technical assistance. We have been supporting this initiative since 2008. It is still work in progress.