Projects For Schools

Children in various schools - formal as well as non-formal - can explore the following with the guidance of their teachers. This will help children to develop through PBL - Projet Based Learning. It would be important to include these projects as part of the curriculum otherwise they are often neglected.

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  • Project Samvedna - A collaborative online platform to share and learn through the application of ICT - Information and Communication Technology. The following projects are also being run through Project Samvedna:
    1. Scratch Animation - learn computer programme and animation the fun way. Developed by the MIT Media Labs. Click here for details. An online tutorial is also available. Check it out here
    2. Kalpana Club - The Kalpana Club is an effort to provide kids a structured (yet flexible) environment where they can let their imaginations roam free - and build and understand interesting things. In all these activities, the computer (and specifically computer programming) is the medium of expression. Kalpana Clubs make use of The Kojo Learning Environment, a free and open source software application, to enable the activities of the club. The kids play, have fun, and work in the following activity areas:
          • Geometry and Algebra
          • Art and Music
          • Animation
    3. Democracy in Action - A project that helps school children understand the linkages between informed choice to elect our representatives in State Assemblies and Parliament, and the development that actually occurs on the ground.
    4. Akshay Urja - Energy Conservation - A project that helps children to self audit energy consumption in school and their homes, and then device strategies to rationalise it
    5. Safe Neighbourhood - A project that started after the 26/11 terror attacks. It seeks to make us all aware about how safe/unsafe we are and what we need to do to make the neighbourhood more safe and secure
    6. Volvo Adventure - learn how to conserve the enironment through an international competition supported by the United Nation Environment Programme