TMF works for the underprivileged by partnering outstanding NGOs which are engaged in community development in geographies where TechM is primarily located. In the year 2012-13 we would be focussing on further building on achievements from FY11-12, exploring and developing new NGO partnerships and synergizing it's merger with MSat foundation.

Focus areas would be —-

Education - primary and secondary schools - Municipal, Govt and NGOs: improved quality of teaching-learning with emphasis on Math, Science & English; appropriate application of ICT; sports for child development; Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation of children as part of RTE Act 2009

Womens empowerment - special focus on partnering minority institutions and NGOs with the mandate to bring the marginalized and underprivileged into the mainstream

Vocation Training - partnering GoI, NGO & institutional efforts to skill the nation wherein the country seeks to train 500 million youth over the next 10 years to meet the demands of a growing economy. TMF would also share Yuva English, developed to provide communicative English skills to the youth, with the prospective partners to further strengthen it's contribution

Enabling & empowering People with Disability - special niche in the area of the Visually Impaired (VI) - through it's signature national initiative Vision For India (VFI)

TMF Volunteering Prog (TVP) - will continue to engage with associates - so they feel happy their hard work is making a difference and those keen to come forward will get a chance to share their time and talent with our NGO partners

Get a broad perspective on TMF work as follows —-


TMF - updated ppt - Sept2011