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TMF now has international volunteers! 4 MBA students and one of their Professors during their exposure visit to Indian companies, wanted to visit one of our partners - education oriented in particular. Raza was suggested for a half day visit. Through a long discussion almost over 1 and half months and a couple of skype meetings, these students - all young women - Stephanie, Jessica, Nermein, Sonia and their professor Joanne visited RAZA on 23rd June 2011.

They were one excited lot and to contain their excitement was a bit "difficult", though it was a great feeling that they wanted to do something for the institution, children, they wanted to give out snacks, teacher aids, etc, etc, and did not know how to go about it. They also wanted to raise funds for RAZA which came as a big surprise! The wonderful part in this is that they had no clue what RAZA did although they were given a brief about the organisation, I am sure it is not sufficient to raise funds for people/NGO however noble they are from a different country.

I guess, the students excelled in their marketing skills to raise a whooping Rs.200,000/- + in such a short span of time for RAZA!!! They had brought along a whole lot of things that the teachers could use, sweets and candies of the children. WE as TMF are grateful for their efforts. Their arrival was welcomed in a traditional Indian way with jasmine garlands, fresh fruit juice and a little chat before we embarked on meeting children and the teachers. They played and had fun with the students and were completely at ease with everyone of them. It was a wonderful experience to watch them become part of the school.

The vocational training students gifted them with handmade mobile pouches and other goodies (christmas came early for them!! :)) They were made to judge a few competitions and give out prizes. They were impressed with the young trainers/volunteers who have played a big role in transforming the muslim children and youth.

The professor was glad that the students chose this activity as part of their exposure tour. This was not what they had expected at all!!! In our closing discussion, the students were, Nermein in particular was in tears, when each one described their experiences. It ranged from unexpected feelings to totally in love with the work with RAZA and its works. Most importantly were the efforts put in and the changes that have been made to give these children a quality english education defying some of the muslim conservative thinking.

We also discussed that this visit should not end with a 'feel good factor'. As future managers they could start thinking in terms of what their 'social value addition' be in their companies and how could they increase their outreach for other of our partners here. The other aspect is how these 4 can promote volunteering and fund raising to their juniors or new joinees. The professor wanted them to include this visit as part of their thesis and presentation for their viva!! and they would be graded on that. I have no words for that! All the four has promised to send their presentations to me once they get back :) Most of which would be in the form of pictures and videos :)

The visit ended with a sumptuous lunch of Hyderabad Biriyani, Chicken Kebab and dessert:)


Hi Vidya and Vinita

Could you please prepare a PoA for a quarter each or however is best to your situation with regard to this. Vinita you could give on scratch and Vidya on Kojo. School reopen from June and it would be nice if I could see the timetable beforehand.


Thanks Mamtha and Nikhil,
We have been doing some academic group activities involving the slow learners. It has been of help definitely. They feel motivated when they see their peers doing it.
Will try with some games and puzzles too.


Re: Slow learners by vinita fernandezvinita fernandez, 16 May 2011 12:50

Dear All,

As suggested by Mr Khanna pl find the Introduction from 'The Craft of Teaching.' CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. He wants us all to read this piece and prepare our brief notes for sharing and enrichment. We could do this by May 11 end.

Chapter 1 will follow by June 11 2nd weekend for us to absorb/discuss through June11

Have also marked to gmail ids which I know of as the pdf's are bulky. If the doc does not reach you pl let me know your gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc id.


The Craft of Teaching by Nikhil PantNikhil Pant, 12 May 2011 13:16

Yes…and for these games we can form groups of 2-3 kids as Mamatha say's….with child possessing higher mental ability as the group leader. This will facilitate peer dynamics through the game format.


Re: Slow learners by Nikhil PantNikhil Pant, 12 May 2011 13:06

Try memory games, puzzles and other activities involving 2-3 kids.


Re: Slow learners by Mamatha EstevesMamatha Esteves, 11 May 2011 04:02

Thanks Nikhil,
i think thats a good idea to give them one to one attention :) will try that!


Re: Slow learners by vinita fernandezvinita fernandez, 02 May 2011 12:57

Good question, Vinita. One of the ways that I did with some success was to give them more time….during and after class. Often I would involve the early/fast learners to assist in this process.


Re: Slow learners by Nikhil PantNikhil Pant, 27 Apr 2011 17:35

How do we make it fun and easy for the slow learners in the classroom?


Re: Slow learners by vinita fernandezvinita fernandez, 27 Apr 2011 02:00

Dear all,

Thank you all for participating in this workshop and your encouraging responses and feedback. Below is the summary of the debriefing session that we had:

Capacity building training for Bangalore partners APD, RAZA & Jeevodaya

- personality development, soft skills – Nuzhat
- ICT – Nikhil

Debriefing: 26 April 2011 3.30 pm

- Learning to work together as a team
- Interdependence
- Performance
- Assumptions
- Multiple stages to be aware – stages of forming, norming, storming, renorming
- Team leader’s assimilation and understanding of the team, team’s confilicts, resistance
- Emotional response to change – reaction by different people to different responses
- Different facets of team building for a purpose
- Principles of learning – factors influence on learning – motivation, FLISK model, etc
- Using these themes, and concepts for effective learning both as teams and at classrooms
- Positive and facilitating environment
- Practice the learning
- Use of technology – ICT for feedback through wikitmf


What have we learned today?
1. What is a Wiki Website?
i. Highly interactive
ii. Files can be uploaded
iii. Forums help us in discussing our problems, sharing our work, learning from others etc from around the world
iv. We can upload pictures, videos etc
v. A teachers can use the wiki to give notes to children in a class
vi. Children absent can copy these notes from home and even give answers from home
vii. Teachers can connect with other teachers around the city/country through forums
viii. TMF will upload your NGO on this wiki so that the whole world can see it!!

POA = Plan of Action for 6th and above with KOJO
- APD – June 1st week
- RAZA – June 1st week

Scratch: Jeevodaya – May-June training + discuss with Nikhil

Participation in Forums:
APD – Srividya & Uma
Jeevodaya – Vinita & Antony
RAZA – Adnan, Farha & Yasmeen

Hi Antony!!

Good that you asked me this question! A wiki is a powerful web tool that helps in collaborative learning. It is specially good and useful for teaching and developing children.

You can get more info about wiki's at -


Hi Everybody!

Let us discuss some of our problems about this website here.


Hello everyone!

This is Lalit, the creator of Kojo. I look forward to interacting with you all as you start playing with Kojo. Some quick links:

The Kojo homepage (for information about Kojo):

The Kojo Download Page (where you can get the latest version of Kojo):

The Kojo Blog (for updates on new releases of Kojo):

Have fun with Kojo, and don't hesitate to ask questions!

Greetings from the Author by lalitplalitp, 26 Apr 2011 05:34

how motivation, retention, reinforcement and transfer of learning can facilitate students learning - nuzhat Ali

principles of learning by nuzhat Alinuzhat Ali, 26 Apr 2011 04:01
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